Driver installation to connect with Tableau

I have downloaded the .jar file from maven and moved it Drivers in Tableau, I have already set Rockset API Keys here is the error I get when connecting to Tableau
The JDBC driver host process failed to respond.
Generic JDBC connection error
The JDBC driver host process failed to respond.

Hello! I see that you have opened a support ticket for this issue. For those who have navigated to this post with similar issue, below are possible ways to debug:

  1. Ensure that you are placing the Rockset Java SDK jar in the following folder:
  • For Windows, place in C:\Program Files\Tableau\Drivers

  • For Mac, place in ~/Library/Tableau/Drivers and ~/Library/JDBC

    The above folders may not exist, so you will need to create them.

  1. Ensure you are downloading the correct file from Maven. The file should end in “uberjar.jar

  2. Ensure you are using the right Base URL for your region. A full list of URLs can be found here. Your region is listed in the upper left corner of your console.

  3. If the above fails, try connecting with our Tableau Beta Built-In Connector.

  • Go to
  • Sign in and enable “Sign Up for Beta Connectors” on the top right
  • Rockset Tableau connector should show up. Follow instructions to install that on Tableau Desktop.
  • If you are using Tableau Server, you also have to install the Rockset connector on Tableau Server.

Full instructions for connection Rockset to Tableau can be found here: Tableau Integration

If all else fails, feel free to open up a support ticket with us or send us an email at!