SQL tool such as DBeaver

When working with SQL databases, I like to use a tool like DBeaver to write and execute my queries.

I know there is a VSCode extension, but is that the only tool other than the Rockset console that people are using to write and execute their queries when developing them?


The Rockset Console is the primary way users query their data in Rockset during development, especially when writing them and executing them in one-off settings. You could also use the Rockset CLI to query Rockset. Another way our users can query Rockset is using one of our Client SDKs (Python, Node.js, Java, and Go clients are all supported), but that’s more often used programmatically rather than manually to query Rockset. We’ve seen a couple users here and there who have built their own consoles and hooked Rockset up to it to write and execute queries, but there’s unfortunately nothing officially supported on our end.

For anyone else who’s interested, I was able to get connected to Rockset with both DBeaver and the Database Navigator inside PyCharm.
If anyone would like to know how to do it, please let me know. I can write up a post about it and share that here.
The short version of the story is to use the jdbc driver in a very similar fashion to what is described in the instructions for integrating with Tableau.


I’m trying to connect to DBeaver too! Can you post how you did it?

Sure! I wanted to make some video or blog post, but this is quicker for now.

  • Download the latest rockset-java-*-uberjar.jar from Nexus, and put it somehwere on your machine.
  • In DBeaver, from the top menu, choose Database -> Driver Manager
  • Hit New.
  • Set Driver Name to Rockset
  • Set Class Name to com.rockset.jdbc.RocksetDriver
  • Set Driver Type to Generic
  • On Libraries tab:
    *. Hit Add File
    *. Choose the uberjar you downloaded earlier.
  • You’ve added the driver. Close that dialog.

Now to use the driver.

  • In the upper-left corner of DBeaver, the button to create a connection has a little drop-down arrow. You’ll need to use that so that you can choose Rockset. If you click directly on the main button, the modal that pops up will not show Rockset as an option.
  • Set JDBC URL to jdbc:rockset://api.usw2a1.rockset.com (Edit that to match your region. You might need use1a1 instead of usw2a1, for example. If you end up with an error about your org not being in that region, this is the culprit.
  • Set Username to apikey
  • Set Password to your actual API Key
  • You should be good to go! Hit Test Connection to be sure.

I’m going to try this now. Thanks so much!!

Did this end up working out for you? I’d like to make sure these steps are actually correct.