Bug - Mongo To Rockset, document is not syncing

Hi (-:

We have a collection that is sync to Mongo Atlas but the document in Rockset is not updated when changing it in Mongo:

This “testing” property is found in the mongo document:

I am updating that the document did eventually updated but it took around 20 minutes.
How can find what’s wrong?

Yaron, I do see some E2E latency spikes in your org. These spikes seem to correlate with spikes in updates coming from Mongo. All VIs have throttles on streaming ingestion, with larger VIs having larger streaming capacity. Since you are on a Medium VI, this limit, by default is 2MB/s. My first guess is that you are hitting this limit. I’ll have Bryan reach out to you to discuss options.


Here is a screenshot of the last 24 hours of the ingest rate:

It’s far from getting to 2MB/s.

So maybe there is another issue that causes this 20 minutes latency in synchronization?

Maybe the Replication Lag could help to pinpoint the problem:

Looking …

Engineering is investigating

Investigated and found this is specific to your account. Could be a config or other issue. Opened a support ticket for you

ok, thanks.
Updates will be posted here?

I am updating that the issue is becoming supercritical. We are seeing certain collections that have a delay of a whole day.
This is hurting production users, as many views and dashboards are out of sync now.
Is there an ETA for a fix?
Can we do something meanwhile to fix the problem, maybe upgrading the instance from M to L?

We are still seeing a lag of 10 minutes and more from the moment you change a value in our Mongo Atlas collection, to the moment it gets synced to Rockset.

This happens specifically in users_view_mongo_v2

hi @yaron,

It looks like Igor has been in touch with you last night, but I’m also raising this internally, thanks!

OK the latency on users_view_mongo_v2 seems back to normal.
Thank you!

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