Retry connection to MongoDbCLuster

I paused my mongodb cluster since I wasn’t using it, and rockset saids that failed trying to connect to the cluster, which is expected, but is there a way to tell rockset to try again to connect to the cluster now that I have resumed the cluster?

It’s about a 50gb storage database, so If I can avoid recreate the collection will be awesome

Rockset uses MongoDB’s change stream APIs to stay in sync with the upstream Mongo. These APIs aren’t built to survive suspend and resume on the source Mongo cluster, so I don’t think Rockset can resume from where it left off. That is why Rockset data source status probably shows you that it has ran into an unrecoverable error and will not be able to reconnect.

The best recourse here is to recreate your Rockset collections on the resumed cluster. You can use the “Clone Collection Settings” UI option in the Console to help you with this:

Sorry if this is causing you any inconvenience.