Data transfer- how to speed up

I have a question: We’re noticing slow data transfer, and we’re seeing constant 429-responses from Rockset in the connector log. We are on a c12.shared instance. Why is this?


The Shared Virtual Instance is usually useful for development and prototyping, but is not suitable for production workloads. Accounts in this Virtual Instance share a global resource pool and isolation is not guaranteed. Your data is strictly kept isolated from other accounts but you share CPU and memory resources with other accounts. Sharing resources with other accounts allows you to utilize a lot of resources at a cost-effective price and is a great place to start using Rockset. A noisy neighbor can affect the latency and throughput of your queries. Bursty workloads from accounts may impact your query performance and availability.

Consider upgrading to a dedicated virtual instance size that meets your needs. Here are some links you might find useful to learn more about different virtual instance sizes and the resource limits on each of them.

  1. Virtual Instances | Rockset Documentation
  2. Settings and Limits | Rockset Documentation

I hope this helps. Please let us know if we can help with any other questions.

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