The given kafka integration and collection are not compatible


I have successfully created an integration for a self-hosted Kafka with Rockset (using Kafka Connect - Standalone + the Rockset connector). The status of the integration shows Active and Last Document Received also reflects correctly, with just 1 minute difference with current time. Means the integration is working correctly, I guess.

But when I try to create a collection using this, the following Error is displayed in the Source Preview section:

The given kafka integration and collection are not compatible, with integration on version “V2”, and collection version: “V3”.

Need some guidance here as I couldn’t find any version selection or any source explaining this error.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


We found a bug in our source previews that only affects Kafka integrations made via console which we will fix in our next update. The good news is that you can create your Kafka integration over REST API in the meantime. I see that you have already created a support ticket for this issue which has been resolved. Glad we could help! And thank you for bringing this to our attention!