Schedule a Team Lunch & Learn 🔖

:point_up_2:Pick a tech talk your team would like to schedule for a lunch & learn!

Nadine is hosting tech talks for companies who would like to do a lunch & learn :plate_with_cutlery: :stuffed_flatbread: for their team about real-time analytics and get more of a deep-dive on Rockset’s technologies.

Real-time analytics :timer_clock: is all about using data as soon as it is produced to

  • answer questions
  • make predictions
  • understand relationships
  • automate processes.

This is an opportunity to explore :mag: what technologies are needed to get fresh data and queries. This is open to all community members :world_map:.

After you’ve picked your tech talk, Nadine will email to confirm :white_check_mark: a date & time, and share the abstract of the tech talk. She’ll also work with the team on the lunch options & logistics via email.

Tech talk topics :newspaper_roll:
  • Technical Deep Dive into Rockset’s Architecture [ :hammer_and_wrench: data engineering-focused tech talk]

  • Empowering Application Developers to Build Serverless Analytics with DynamoDB on AWS [ :package:developer-focused tech talk]

  • Making Application Developers More Productive with Real-Time Analytics as an API [:package: developer-focused tech talk]

  • Real-Time Analytics on Data Lakes: Indexing Amazon S3 for up to 125x Faster Queries [ :hammer_and_wrench: data engineering-focused tech talk]

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