Rockset Beats ClickHouse and Druid on the Star Schema Benchmark (SSB)

In the words of Rockset’s Chief Architect Tudor Bosman, “So, we published a benchmark result. It is simultaneously a big deal and not a big deal.”

The big deal is that Rockset is 1.67 times faster than ClickHouse on the Star Schema Benchmark (SSB) using the same hardware configuration. And 1.12 times faster than Druid, even though Druid used 12.5% more compute. We were able to achieve these benchmark results with a number of performance initiatives that are beneficial to users including:

  • A new version of the on-disk format for the column-based index that has better compression, faster decoding and computations on compressed data.
  • Leveraging more Single Instruction/Multiple Data (SIMD) instructions as part of the vectorized execution engine to take advantage of higher throughput offered by modern processors.

The not so big deal is that benchmarks like SSB are designed for very specific use cases and query patterns, capturing only a fraction of how Rockset is used in production. See the whole story of Rockset here.

Learn more about our performance initiatives by checking out the blog, whitepaper or joining engineers behind the effort, Tudor Bosman and Ben Hannel, on Linkedin at 2pm PST tomorrow.