Querying the Rockset Metrics Endpoints

Although Rockset has a significant amount of capabilities for our users to leverage, every instance and configuration of Rockset is different per account. For example some accounts have a few large collections in a single workspace, while others might be leveraging a large number of smaller collections and spreading them across multiple workspaces. In the same way, the way that data is being ingested and consumed by every user is also rather unique to the user.

To help with some of the troubleshooting that can occur when dealing with the many different variations and possibilities, Rockset has opened a significant amount of Metric Endpoints for users to monitor health and activity with. A very common way to consume these metrics is through Prometheus and Grafana. But what if someone is not leveraging those tools?

This post will help with the process of setting up your preferred monitoring method with Rockset Metric Endpoints.

NOTE : Metric Endpoints are only available for those who have a Dedicated Virtual Instance. Read more about Dedicated Virtual Instances here: Virtual Instances | Rockset Documentation


There are two prerequisites to accomplish within Rockset before looking into the code. The first is turning on the Metric Endpoints and the second is getting the API Key.

In your Rockset console, there is a Metrics section in the left navigation bar. Once in Metrics, you’ll need to click the Metrics Endpoint tab and Enable Metrics Endpoints. After that, you’ll want to go to the API Keys section in the left navigation bar to create an API key to use in the command.


This doc (Monitoring and Alerting | Rockset Documentation) walks through the different endpoints at a high level.

To start, you’ll need to cURL the API server, which is

curl https://api.rs2.usw2.rockset.com/v1/orgs/self/metrics

You’ll then need to add the API Key as the user for the command, which will have no password associated to it

curl https://api.rs2.usw2.rockset.com/v1/orgs/self/metrics -u {{API_KEY}}

The next part to add is the actual metric endpoint that you want to inspect and the appropriate workspace

curl https://api.rs2.usw2.rockset.com/v1/orgs/self/metrics -u {{API_KEY}}

Once you run that command, you’ll receive all of the metrics associated to that workspace endpoint.

Hope this helps!