Preset Article: How the Modern Data Stack is Reshaping Data Engineering

What do you think of the article?

Hey Rockset community! Srini here from the Apache Superset community. I worked with Max a bit on this article, curious to get your thoughts on it.

What resonated with y’all? What’s missing? It was hard to cover everything (e.g. streaming data systems) so we focused on the trends we were the most familiar with!


@srini Loved the article. Very well written and covers a lot of ground.

I may be biased but the modern data stack here covers how the to do batch analytics in the cloud era. It should also include what it means to create Data Apps which need to access data in real-time. Data Apps are driving this change for the better and they are evolving and becoming more real-time. Would love your thoughts on it and maybe do a coffee chat on this topic.

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Yeah, I think our bias here is very much towards “internal analytics” so to speak (Superset’s roots are in BI after all).

But we’ve been watching the rise of the headless BI / productized analytics / data apps space and want to push Superset slowly in that direction as well. So you’re spot on about that.

Let’s chat more! I’ll reach out over LinkedIn :]