Office Hours Replay: Optimizing query latency with SQL performance tuning

You can catch the replay here: :clapper: :movie_camera:

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How can we improve this query based on the concepts @david gave during his Office Hours?Can we use the Query Profiler to see if we should change the JOIN? or apply a HINT? Reply to this thread to get the SWAG :moneybag: :heavy_dollar_sign:

    SUM(m.revenue) as total_revenue,
    SUM(m.runtime) as total_runtime,
    SUM(m.vote_count)/COUNT(*) as avg_vote_count,
    SUM(m.popularity) / COUNT(*) as avg_popularity,
    SUM(r.rating)/ COUNT(*) as avg_rating
    commons.movies m
    JOIN commons.movie_ratings r ON = r.movieId
WHERE m.release_date LIKE β€˜2006%’
GROUP BY m.original_language 

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