Native Support for Redpanda with SCRAM Authentication


could you add support for native Redpanda Kafka support using SCRAM authentication like this?
security.protocol=SASL_PLAINTEXT required username=‘…’ password=‘…’;

I mean you already support Confluent Cloud natively (=without having to run Kafka Connect), so it should be very easy to add support for Redpanda as well I’d assume :wink:

And it would make Rockset so much more attractive for the growing set of Redpanda users :slight_smile:

Best, Ralph

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HI @ralph
thanks for this product feedback.

cc @rafael - :slight_smile: -

Thanks, @ralph - I’m tracking demand for different Kafka implementations. We currently have Confluent (as you mentioned) and looking to add AWS MSK soon as well (we had more than a few customers asking for this). I’ll add this to the list of asks and keep you posted when we make this available.

Hi Rafael,

as I said - supporting SCRAM for Redpanda would be extremely easy to implement for you - it’s just a slightly different config for connecting to the cluster… but essentially it also is a “user”/“password” authentication like with Confluent Cloud…

Best, Ralph