Missing start_cursor on pages API

Hey, i have problem when query using pagination on API, next_cursor is exist but start_cursor always null on pages endpoint when i want to retrieve more data using same query_id.

i was using async_options when hit v1/orgs/self/queries and enabled pagination.

my param when hit v1/orgs/self/queries looks like this:

  "sql": {
    "query": "SELECT * FROM table LIMIT 10",
    "paginate": true
  "async_options": {
    "client_timeout_ms": 1000, 
    "timeout_ms": 300000,
    "max_initial_results": 2

In that API start_cursor still available, but when hit v1/orgs/self/queries/{query_id}/pages
start_cursor is missing.

Is that expected? if yes any other method how to go to prev page if start_cursor is null?

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Hi @Fauzan !

Thanks for posting- I’m looking into it.

Hi @Fauzan -

You can not specify a start cursor as an API param (if you’re using a client, pass null or undefined) and it’ll default to the start of the results.

Does this help?

Just in case- I want to share our pagination office hours:

@Fauzan → Your feedback has helped our docs. We are updating our docs to be more clear. The push should be in shortly!

Please let me know if you have more questions.