Missing start_cursor on pages API

Hey, i have problem when query using pagination on API, next_cursor is exist but start_cursor always null on pages endpoint when i want to retrieve more data using same query_id.

i was using async_options when hit v1/orgs/self/queries and enabled pagination.

my param when hit v1/orgs/self/queries looks like this:

  "sql": {
    "query": "SELECT * FROM table LIMIT 10",
    "paginate": true
  "async_options": {
    "client_timeout_ms": 1000, 
    "timeout_ms": 300000,
    "max_initial_results": 2

In that API start_cursor still available, but when hit v1/orgs/self/queries/{query_id}/pages
start_cursor is missing.

Is that expected? if yes any other method how to go to prev page if start_cursor is null?

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Hi @Fauzan !

Thanks for posting- I’m looking into it.

Hi @Fauzan -

You can not specify a start cursor as an API param (if you’re using a client, pass null or undefined) and it’ll default to the start of the results.

Does this help?

Just in case- I want to share our pagination office hours:

@Fauzan → Your feedback has helped our docs. We are updating our docs to be more clear. The push should be in shortly!

Please let me know if you have more questions.


@Fauzan the update is now live in docs (Pagination). Thank you for pointing out the gap, and please let me know if you have any other feedback or questions we can follow-up on.

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