How Seesaw built their real-time reporting architecture

Seesaw Learning provides a leading online student learning platform used by more than 10 million K-12 teachers, students and family members in the U.S. every month. When COVID-19 hit in early 2020 and forced schools to abruptly switch to full-time remote learning, the need for Seesaw’s platform skyrocketed. So did Seesaw’s growth. Seesaw desperately needed 360-degree real-time observability of its operations. This was only possible if both internal and external users could drill down into the freshest data possible in order to get the answers they needed. Here’s how Seesaw solved it:

1| Teacher and student activities are stored in DynamoDB. Activities are stored in different DynamoDB tables.

2| Rockset leverages CDC to read data from the DynamoDB tables. Seesaw writes analytical queries that JOINs different Rockset Collections and does complex aggregations.

3a| Seesaw uses Hightouch to do a reverse ETL and sync to Salesforce

3b| Seesaw turns the SQL queries into APIs to build internal dashboards on Retool