How do i copy data from rockset to my local dynamo db

How do i copy data from rockset to my local dynamo db

Typically, data from DynamoDB and other sources would flow into Rockset. From there, Rockset indexes all the data. You’ll write analytical queries to power your real-time applications:

If you did want to write data from Rockset into DynamoDB, here’s how it’ll work:

The way you would normally pull data from Rockset into another datastore would be through either ad-hoc queries or query lambdas. If your query results are large in size/count you can use pagination as well.

Query lambdas are often the best way to go for queries that will be issued repeatedly. For this use case, you would build out a query lambda that would pull the data in a way that would structure the data to support loading into DynamoDB and accessing that data via Key:Value access patterns. This can help with high concurrency access of data that is able to be recovered using primary key only. The power of Rockset, in this case, is that you can do your transformations of the data during ingestion using rollups keeping the data moving through your pipeline very fast, keeping data available for ad-hoc queries in Rockset, and making data accessible for kv access in ddb using sql as the export system. This is also applicable to Redis too.


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