Getting Started with the Rockset Community

We’re thrilled you’ve joined us here in the Rockset community :earth_americas: :earth_asia: :earth_africa:. Here are a few steps to get you started:

:bookmark_tabs: Read the Code of Conduct
Treat others the way you want to be treated. Be kind when communicating and helping each other out. Participating in this community means you’ve read the code of conduct and understand the expected behavior for you and other community members.

:framed_picture: Upload a profile picture
It helps us connect with you.

:eyes: Browse topics in your areas of interest
Each category contains pinned topics that will help you get oriented, such as frequently asked questions and answers.

:medal_sports: Best practices for posting questions

  • Be specific. Avoid asking off-topic questions in existing discussion threads whenever possible. Staff and peers can better answer your question if you start your own discussion with details relevant to your environment (i.e., integrations you’re doing, what you’ve tried, and any error message(s) encountered). Please, don’t say “This is not working”, without giving clear context to what you did before, and how the error is happening.
  • Be patient. We will answer your questions in under 24 hours.
  • Be collaborative. Share your experience and help grow the community. We encourage you to keep conversations on our public forums (rather than offline in a private email or by linking to an outside forum) so that the whole community can benefit from the exchange of knowledge.
  • Do not spam. Do not post third-party advertising without permission from the forum moderators. Any posts like these will be deleted and may result in future posts being moderated.
  • Do not share sensitive or confidential information. Forum posts are publicly available and should not include any individual’s or organization’s sensitive or confidential details. If you need support that will require you to share confidential information about your company, you should contact our support team:
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