Getting Started with Real-Time Analytics on MySQL Using Rockset

MySQL and PostgreSQL are widely used as transactional databases. When it comes to supporting high-scale and analytical use cases, you may often have to tune and configure these databases, which leads to a higher operational burden. Some challenges when doing analytics on MySQL and Postgres include:

  • running a large number of concurrent queries/users
  • working with large data sizes
  • needing to define and manage tons of indexes.

There are workarounds for these problems, but it requires more operational burden:

  • scaling to larger servers
  • creating more read replicas
  • moving to a NoSQL database

Rockset recently announced support for MySQL and PostgreSQL that easily allows you to power real-time, complex analytical queries. This mitigates the need to tune these relational databases to handle heavy analytical workloads.

By integrating MySQL and PostgreSQL with Rockset, you can easily scale out to handle demanding analytics.

You can read more on the blog post here.

great blog! i need to start working with msyql.