Error when trying to connect to Confluent's Kafka

Hi (-:

I am getting this error:

I took the bootstrap server from here:

and created a key and a secret here:

Maybe the problem is related to IPs :thinking:

Thanks Yaron, this is mostly possible due to an authentication error. We had a backend fix that hasn’t been deployed to prod yet to visualize the fine-grained error on your end.

Could you use your new credential to do a test connection to your Confluent cloud and see if it works or not?

What do you mean by “new credential”?

I mean the new api key & secret you just created, you should be able to use it in a sample producer/consumer/admin client app and see if it works for you. Take KSQL Datagen: Example for Apache Kafka® | Confluent Documentation for an example.

I think it’s quite out of scope to run this example (-:
it requires docker and such.

Sure, no problem. Let me know if you want to have a Zoom chat to further debug.

ok… waiting inside the zoom meeting.

Yaron and I verified that there is an authentication issue talking to Rumble’s Confluent cluster. We will be debugging this offline and post an update once we figure out what’s not going as expected.

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OK, interesting. So do you still need that I’ll run the “sample script” you’ve sent?

Sure, if you could have a try and let me know whether it works on your laptop!

@yaron Figured out the root cause is due to the propagation delay of newly created Confluent API keys, which takes a couple of minutes to be active. So his next retry succeeds with the same API key! He also gave us some valuable feedbacks on improving the documentations which I will be following-up to make sure the documentation is more clear and easy to follow.

Thanks again Yaron for the dedication to get this whole thing work, and nice feedbacks! Please reach out anytime if you spot any new issue with the new connector :grinning:

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