Does the trial instances share the same resource pool with the users on actual production systems?

I am doing some initial testing with Rockset on trial ($300 credits). I am wondering if I am accessing the same resource pool as the users who are using Rockset in production. Is there a resource pool (environment) dedicated to trial users? I want to make sure that I get the same experience once we decide to migrate.

Dedicated Virtual Instances
When you pick a dedicated virtual instance (VI) on Rockset, you have dedicated compute resources- you do not share these resources with anyone else. Even during trial, you have the $300 credits to try out the different VIs. You can read more to get the most out of your trial experience.

Read more about the resources available for the dedicated VIs.

Free tier
Using the free/shared tier is when you share compute resources with other users in the free / share tier. Rockset’s free tier also comes with 2 GiB of storage, along with the shared compute. Our shared tier allows up to 100 GiB of storage at $0.29 per GiB. If you require more than 100 GiB for testing, we recommend using a dedicated tier [see above], but be aware that you’ll burn through your $300 of credit more quickly.

I have a follow-up question.
Are the users using dedicated VIs in the same AZ as those using dedicated VIs with their $300 credit (POC users)? If Virginia AZ is down for POC users, is it also down for users in the production system?

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@shenstan the payment method has no relation to how the VIs are setup. so, POC user’s VIs are no different in terms of reliability or performance with other paid users using dedicated VIs for their production apps.

Each VI has fully isolated and dedicated compute resources, so one user’s activity on a dedicated VI should have zero impact on other users.

If AWS or Rockset is having a region wide issue then, yes, all users in that region could be affected.

following up with @veeve answer- if you want to learn about how availability works on rockset- you can check out these office hours we did: