Dhruba's Talking Data System Design at The Hive

Join Rockset Co-founder and CTO Dhruba Borthakur for his talk “Designing The Next Generation of Data Systems for Real-Time Analytics” at the Hive on 11/17 at 11am PST.

Quick blurb: In this talk, Dhruba Borthakur, the co-Founder and CTO of Rockset (https://rockset.com/) and one of the founding engineers of Hadoop and RocksDB, delves into cloud systems that are shepherding in a new wave of real-time analytics that’s easy to use and quick to adopt.

Dhruba will talk about the technical requirements of cutting-edge systems including the ability to handle high-velocity streaming data from event streams and constantly changing data from database CDC. Join the talk and learn the attributes of the systems behind the next wave of digital disrupters including the ability to handle bursty data, complex analytics, and have flexible schemas.

Register for the talk here: Webinar Registration - Zoom

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