Data ingestion rates

What will happen if data ingestion exceeds to 5MB/s on a shared instance?


Ingestion will be throttled on various VIs, especially on shared. Your ingestion rate would be throttled to 1MB/sec on Shared (and even this rate is ‘shared’ with others) and eventually you will get a 429 error indicating that you’ve filled the update buffer as well.

The ingestion rates for the various virtual instance sizes are as follows, with non-shared being dedicated to your org:

Shared - 1 MB/S (shared with other tenants)
Medium - 2 MB/s
Large - 4 MB/s
XLarge - 6 MB/s
2XL - 12 MB/s
4XL - 24 MB/s
8XL - 48 MB/s
16XL - 96 MB/s

More details here: Virtual Instances | Rockset Documentation

I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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