Announcing the dbt-rockset adapter!

Hey community :wave::wave:

I’m Sam, an engineer with Rockset, whose been working on a dbt adapter to support real-time data transformations. As of today, we’re opening up a public beta of the adapter with support for the four core materializations in dbt: views, incremental, tables and ephemeral. :partying_face:

  • What’s dbt? dbt is an open-source tool that lets data teams collaborate on transforming data in their database to curate higher quality data sets, faster. To execute transformations in dbt, users only need to define logic in SQL using SELECT statements, and dbt takes care of the DDL/DML and defining the order of execution.
  • Is this adapter for me? The adapter is useful to automate the creation of collections and transformations. We find that teams loading 3rd party datasets regularly into Rockset may benefit from this new adapter.
  • :ear: You can hear more about the adapter in an office hours we’re hosting on Oct. 26th at 10am PST. See a live demo, learn more about the use cases, get your questions answered and snag a free t-shirt :tshirt:

Thanks all and let me know if you’d like to beta test! Happy to help walk you through the adapter.


You can also get started with views here!

Hope you can join us tomorrow am for a live dbt + Rockset office hours at 10 am PST. You can jump in the zoom for the session using this link- Launch Meeting - Zoom . See you there!

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